__________JANO RIX_Producer_Drums_Keys_Shuitar_Vocals__________

On the music player

"One More Day" by The Wood Brothers.  Drums and background vocals.  From Live, Vol. 1, Sky High

"Open You're eyes" by Kevens.  Drums, percussion and Hammond B3.  From We Are One.

"Ancient Voices" by The Gabe Dixon Band. Drums, percussion, tracking engineer, mixer, and co-producer.

"Down and Nylon"  by Rix Glassmeyer. Co-producer, tracking engineer, mixer, drums, keys, lead vocal and co-writer. From 24,200 miles.

"Breakdown the Walls" by Kevens.  Drums and percussion.  From We Are One.  

"Further the Sky" by The Gabe Dixon Band featuring Mindy Smith.  Drums, co-producer.  From The Gabe Dixon Band.

"Running Away From You" by The Gabe Dixon Band.  Co-producer, drums, tracking engineer, mixer.  

"Is This Love"  by the Gabe Dixon Band.  Shuitar and background vocals. 

"Sirens"  by The Gabe Dixon Band.  Drums, percussion, synth textures, background vocals, breakdown piano, engineering and co-producer.  From The Gabe Dixon Band.

"Till You're Gone" by The Gabe Dixon Band.  Drums, percussion and co-producer.  From The Gabe Dixon Band.


Selected Discography

Current member of The Wood Brothers:

co-producer, drums, shuitar, percussion,

keyboards. More at http://www.thewoodbros.com.

Also in the studio and on tour with:
Seth Walker, Lizz Wright, Buddy Miller,

Oliver Wood, Steve Poltz, Rix Glassmeyer, 

the Gabe Dixon Band, Brigitte Demeyer,

the Zac Brown Band, Loggins and Messina,  
Sierra Hull, Molly Tuttle, Casey Driesen,

Luke Bulla, Upstate, Victor Krauss,

Marc Broussard, Charlie Worsham, Jay Nash,

Shemika Copeland, Andrew Duhon, Sam Lewis,

Indigo Girls, Sean McConnell, Phil Madeira,
Carsie Blanton, Dave Barnes, Steve Lee,

Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Heather Bond,

Andra Moran, Rick Clark, T-Sisters, JP Ruggieri

Matt Wertz, Kevens, Space Capone, Nina Ferro

Maureen Murphy, Randi Laubek, Adam Brand,

Meg Gehman, Erin and Ross, What Bird, Aslyn,

Clay Cook, Jacob Miller, Big Sir Junior,

Jarrod Dickenson, Fuzzmuzz, Morpholinos, 

Super Orange Sampler, the Church of Cleanliness...

The Wood Brothers - The Muse
The Wood Brothers - Live, Vol. 1, Sky High
The Wood Brothers - Live, Vol. 2, Nail and Tooth
Lizz Wright - The Fellowship
The Gabe Dixon Band - The Gabe Dixon Band
The Gabe Dixon Band - On a Rolling Ball
The Gabe Dixon Band - Live at World Cafe
The Gabe Dixon Band - More Than it Would Seem
Luke Bulla - Luke Bulla
Kevens - We Are One
Rix Glassmeyer - 24,200 Miles
Carsie Blanton - Idiot Heart
Carsie Blanton - Trigger Finger
Meadownoise - the Thrush
Meadownoise - Yep, that's Right